18 July 2009

Faster than a DC Bullet: Project Star City, Part III: Green Arrow: Straight Shooter

Comic trade paperback, 136 pages
Published 2004 (contents: 2003)

Borrowed from the library
Read June 2009
Green Arrow: Straight Shooter

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Phil Hester
Inker: Ande Parks
Colorist: Guy Major
Letterer: Sean Konot

This is Judd Winick's first contribution to Green Arrow, a series he would write for the rest of its run (minus a few interludes). There's some continuity from the first two volumes in that Phil Hester and Ande Parks continue on the art duties, but even without that, it would be a smooth transition-- Winick seems to get Oliver Queen, the man who wants to do the best he can, but still can't avoid who he is. I like how Winick melds some of Green Arrow's typical social justice concerns into a superhero format; the monsters he fights here are imported workers who have had substandard healthcare. Overall, it's a fun, successful story, aside from the very convenient appearance of Superman when Green Arrow gets in over his head at one point. I also really like the villain he introduces here, Constantine Drakon, though I'm already tired of seeing Connor Hawke get beat up to prove the situation is serious.

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