07 February 2010

Faster than a DC Bullet: Project Star City, Part XV: Green Arrow and Black Canary: A League of Their Own / The Parting Shot

Comic trade paperback, 126 pages
Published 2009 (contents: 2002-09)

Borrowed from the library
Read January 2010
Green Arrow and Black Canary: A League of Their Own / The Parting Shot

Writer: Judd Winick
Pencillers: Mike Norton, Diego Barreto
Inkers: Wayne Faucher, Robin Riggs
Colorists: David Baron, Tom McCraw
Letterers: Steve Wands, Sal Cipriano, John Costanza

Like many of Judd Winick's Green Arrow plotlines, this long (extremely long) one ends with someone else solving the problem, namely Batman. But at least we finally rescue Connor. Except: Connor has amnesia, has lost his archery skills (but none of his other fighting skills), has a Wolverine-like healing factor, and is extremely violent. Okay, so maybe Connor wasn't working out as a second Green Arrow to Oliver's primary (though I remain unconvinced). But is the solution to reinvigorating a character really removing every single thing that makes this character interesting and appealing? Thank God that Judd Winick will never get anywhere near Connor (or any other Team Arrow one) ever again, as this is his last entry in the series. (Also not enjoyable reading in this volume: Mia's romance with the English guy whose name I forget. Can an ex-prostitute really not tell when a man is interested in her?) This volume also contains a "bonus" story of dubious extra value.

You might notice that I haven't talked about Dinah in these reviews; that's because despite the series title, it's pretty much The Green Arrow Show. Oliver and Dinah might as well not be married for all it has to do with anything.

At least Mike Norton's art is still nice, though it's a little less Chiang-esque here than in the previous volume.

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