02 January 2005

Archival Review: Star Trek: A Time to Heal by David Mack

Star Trek: A Time to Heal

You know, after his super-debut in Invincible and Wildfire, I'm becoming somewhat less enamored of Mr. Mack. This book is more OMG KEWL ACTION! except here it's interspersed with the TNG cast at its most ineffectual (I'm not sure anything a main character does actually substantially contributes to the resolution), as well as somewhat out-of-character. The politics, which I eagerly anticipated, are, well, kinda dumb. I have trouble seeing how Min Zife could have been elected to oversee the township zoning commission, much less a hundred-plus-planet interstellar nation, and the idea that a cabinet member would take a month off his job to personally arrange for the disposition of illicit cargo is stupid beyond belief. Hopefully A Time for War, A Time for Peace handles the politicking a bit better. This book flounders romantically, too, with Peart/Perim. It's take on Crusher/Picard is not much better, since it turns Bev Crusher into a pining schoolgirl.

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