07 January 2008

Archival Review: The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov

Mass market paperback, 270 pages
Published 1986 (originally 1956)
Acquired March 2007

Read December 2007
The Naked Sun
by Isaac Asimov

Apparently, I'm on a bit of an Asimov kick these past few months.  Or rather, I was when I acquired all these books last spring.  This isn't one I loaned and lost, though; rather, I never owned it at all for some reason!  Still, I'd borrowed the library's copy several times, so it wasn't unfamiliar.  But acquiring means reading, and so I did.  I enjoyed it as much as ever-- it's a typical Asimov mystery, though not as good as The Caves of Steel.  Asimov gets in some of his best world-building with Solarian civilization, the mystery is fairly decent, and a visit from R. Daneel Olivaw is always a treat, even if Elijah Bailey is rather cruel to him at times.

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