05 September 2011

Faster than a DC Bullet: The Sandman Spin-Offs, Part XV: The Little Endless Storybook

Hardcover, n.pag.
Published 2004 (originally 2001)

Borrowed from the library
Read August 2011
The Little Endless Storybook by Jill Thompson

Despite having the usual Vertigo "Recommended for mature readers" warning on the back, this is essentially a children's picture book, about Barnabas, puppy of Delirium, the craziest of the Endless. With Delirium missing, Barnabas must journey between the realms of the different Endless in an attempt to locate her. Basically the whole thing is an excuse to see Jill Thompson draw all the Endless in her manga-esque style. It works. I liked her Destruction the best. (Surprisingly, the whole thing feels like it fits into continuity just fine, after "Brief Lives" but before "The Kindly Ones." Is there actually a break there?) It does show up how underdeveloped the realms of all the other Endless are compared to Dream's, though; all the other Endless seem to hang out by themselves!

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