09 October 2011

Faster than a DC Bullet: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Part II: Homecoming

Comic digest, n.pag.
Published 2005 (contents: 2005)

Borrowed from the library
Read September 2011
Mary Jane: Homecoming

Writer: Sean McKeever
Art: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colors: Christina Strain
Letters: Dave Sharpe

Homecoming sees Homecoming come to Midtown High. As you might imagine. But on the way, there's more problems afoot in the world of Mary Jane, when she discovers that her boyfriend Harry is pressuring nerdy Peter Parker to help him cheat. This actually didn't work for me a whole lot, as I might have preferred Harry and Peter to have a better relationship than that. In the meantime, Liz Allan thinks her boyfriend Flash is cheating on her with MJ, which is untrue... except that Flash wants to be with Mary Jane! So there are lots of problems around. Homecoming doesn't work quite as well as its predecessor, which is because 1) the cheating thing doesn't ring true to the characters to me and 2) Mary Jane wins Homecoming Queen as a write-in over Liz, which pushes the "everyone loves Mary Jane and she is always great" thing a little bit too far. But McKeever and Miyazawa still excel at those emotional moments, big or small, that sell the book as "true," especially a quiet conversation between Mary Jane and Peter late at night and that excellent last page.

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