12 January 2012

Darth of the Dead

Star Wars: Death Troopers
by Joe Schreiber

I can't say I'm into horror really, but I am in favor of a tie-in line that branches out and tries something new and different, so I was excited when Death Troopers was announced.  Zombies in Star Wars aren't new-- the Vector miniseries included something very similar-- but the explicit horror focus is.  I mean, look at that amazing cover!

Unfortunately, this is a case of the idea being better than the execution.  The cover is amazing... but it's pretty much the most amazing part of the book.  It starts off so sloooooow, though once the zombies show up, it never stops moving, and it Schreiber's good enough that it carried me through in only a couple sittings.  The characters are flat and pretty cliché (though I liked the medical droid).  Despite being "horror" there's only one scene I thought was scary... though it was very chilling.  There's also a surprise appearance that I think could have made me groan quite easily, but worked very well in execution.  So not great, and maybe not even good, but worth the brief amount of time it took to read, and praiseworthy in concept if nothing else.

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