20 August 2012

Review: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

Mass market paperback, 272 pages
Published 2004 (contents: 1940-50)
Acquired and read September 2009

Reread June 2012
I, Robot
by Isaac Asimov

I taught this book for the second time this summer; I don't think it went as well as it did last time, but I can't really point at a reason for that. My students did cause me to reevaluate the ostensibly triumphal ending of "Robbie" to an extent that I had not done prior. On the other hand, rereading it to teach it has consolidated my belief that "The Evitable Conflict" is one of Asimov's best stories, and indeed, one of the best sf short stories ever published. An underrated inclusion in a book of standouts.

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