14 October 2013

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Book 16

Hardcover, 692 pages
Published 2010

Acquired August 2013
Read  September 2013
This Body of Death
by Elizabeth George

Woah, what happened here? It's an Inspector Lynley mystery that I had almost no reservations about. This is George on the absolute top of her game, a level of skill we haven't seen from her since, like, book 8. Lynley is awesome, the death of his wife being used to good effect; Havers is awesome, her understanding of Lynley being tested, but she's still utterly tenacious. I even liked Isabelle Ardery, the new boss of Lynley's unit-- not as a person, but as a character she's quite interesting. (Shame about her getting together with Lynley, though; I feel like it really undercuts the potential of their relationship in favor of something more formulaic.) The mystery unravels quite well, with complications galore and a keen sense of character. And even though it's over 600 pages long, I never felt it dragged. Why can't she always write like this?

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