31 March 2015

Reading Roundup Wrapup: March 2015

Pick of the month: When in Rome by Jeph Loeb. Slim pickings, I'm afraid. This is another month where I'm limited by what I actually managed to read-- almost all low-to-mid-range superhero books. But When in Rome was probably the best in terms of accomplishing what it set out to do, though I also enjoyed Robin: Year One. Summa Technologiae is a book I wanted to like but... boy, it made it tough. Mostly all I did this month was continue my Batman reading project, but I think I am on track to rediversify my reading a little bit.

All books read:
1. Moving Pictures by Kathryn & Stuart Immonen
2. Absolute Batman: Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
3. Catwoman: When in Rome by Jeph Loeb
4. Batman: Year Two: Fear the Reaper by Mike W. Barr
5. Robin: Year One by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty
6. 52 by Greg Cox
7. Electronic Mediations, Volume 40: Summa Technologiae by Stanisław Lem
8. Countdown to Final Crisis: 51…50…49…48…47…46…45…44…43…42…41…40…39… by Paul Dini with Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, Tony Bedard, Adam Beechen, Sean McKeever, and Keith Giffen
9. Countdown to Final Crisis: 38…37…36…35…34…33…32…31…30…29…28…27…26… by Paul Dini with Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, Adam Beechen, Tony Bedard, Sean McKeever, and Keith Giffen

All books acquired:
1. Kleptomania: Ten Stories by Manjula Padmanabhan
2. Fantastic Four by Matt Fraction Omnibus by Matt Fraction with Chris Sebela, Karl Kesel, Lee Allred, and Michael Allred
3. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Manga, Volume Three by Toshiki Kudo
4. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Manga, Volume Four by Toshiki Kudo
5. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Manga, Volume One by Shin-ichi Hiromito
6. The New Adventures: Twilight of the Gods by Mark Clapham & Jon de Burgh Miller

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