12 August 2015

Faster than a DC Bullet: Project Gotham, Part II: Batman and the Monster Men

Comic trade paperback, 144 pages
Published 2006 (contents: 2006)

Borrowed from the library
Read September 2014
Dark Moon Rising: Batman and the Monster Men

Story and Art: Matt Wagner
Colors: Dave Stewart

Year One, November
This story squeezes between the last few pages of Batman: Year One, along with a few other tales we'll be reading soon. Batman goes up against the deranged psychologist Dr. Hugo Strange-- a psychologist who for some reason spends his time carrying out genetic experiments. In the meantime, Bruce Wayne may have found true love with one Julie Madison. The story here is pretty straightforward, but it's all worth it for Matt Wagner's distinctive art. More cartoony than what David Mazzucchelli does in Batman: Year One, but still quite good. This won't set your world on fire, but it's a worthy addition to the "Year One" milieu.

Next Week: Batman fights the supernatural for the first time in Batman and the Mad Monk!

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