13 October 2015

Review: Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 2 by Scott & David Tipton et al.

Comic PDF eBook, 98 pages
Published 2013 (contents: 2013)
Acquired May 2014
Read December 2014
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 2

Written by Scott & David Tipton
Art by Philip Bond, John Ridgway, Kev Hopgood, and Roger Langridge
Colors by Charlie Kirchoff
Letters by Tom B. Long

I had actually bought two of the installments of this volume in single-issue format: #6 because I couldn't believe that IDW had actually got 1980s Doctor Who Magazine stalwart John Ridgway back, and #8 because Paul McGann is my Doctor. Plus it had art by the unsurpassable Roger Langridge, another DWM stalwart.

Maybe because of that, these two stories are the most memorable. The sixth Doctor adventure makes good use of Frobisher in a tale involving the Master. It doesn't always make good use of Ridgway; there's a couple pages where the Doctor, Peri, and Frobisher just talk in front of a blank background! The Tiptons' decompression at its worst, and what a waste of Ridgway's talent. The eighth Doctor tale is good fun, with the Doctor picking up Grace Halloway for another go at being a companion; I think you can imagine this slots in between the TV movie and Grace's appearances in DWM. Langridge is a great fit for Doctor Who, he's so imaginative, and it's nice to see him get something other than the "comedy" tales DWM often throws his way.

The fifth Doctor tale is not amazing, but it's nice to see my fave TARDIS team (Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan) in action, and Philip Bond's artwork is solid and fun. The seventh Doctor tale is definitely the weakest in this volume, with an overcomplicated plot from the Master, and stiff artwork from Kev Hopgood.

Next Week: The end of Prisoners of Time... and the end of IDW! Freedom awaits.

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