24 May 2016

Review: Doctor Who: The Roots of Evil by Philip Reeve

Mass market paperback, 66 pages
Published 2014 (originally 2013)

Acquired December 2014
Read May 2015
Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor: The Roots of Evil
by Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve of Mortal Engines fame is the next children's author to tackle Doctor Who, in this tale of the fourth Doctor and Leela aboard a giant space tree, which the Doctor has been to before, but not yet. There are guards, corridors, oppressive religions, and all the usual Doctor Who things, plus the Doctor makes fun of bow ties and people who use the word "cool" to describe them. This is perhaps one of the more insubstantial installments of 12 Doctors, 12 Stories, but it's still fun enough.

Next Week: The fifth Doctor rediscovers the terrors of childhood in Tip of the Tongue!

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