22 November 2016

Review: The Transformers Spotlight by Simon Furman, et al.

Comic PDF eBook, 132 pages
Published 2007 (contents: 2006-07)
Acquired August 2014
Read June 2016
The Transformers Spotlight

Written by Simon Furman
Art by Nick Roche, MD Bright, Rob Ruffolo, Robby Musso
Colors by Josh Burcham, John Rauch, Liam Shalloo, Rob Ruffolo, Kieran Dats
Letters by Robbie Robbins, Neil Uyetake

Some reading orders for IDW's Transformers continuity place this before Infiltration, the story actually published first by IDW. I suppose this is because it supplies backstory, but I didn't find the Spotlight volume a very satisfactory read on its own, at a point where the only IDW volume I'd read was Autocracy. These are pretty generic stories of robots that don't really say much of interest. Shockwave is very logical, did you know? The Nightbeat story is a noir pastiche, but really gets lost in foreshadowing... something, vaguely. The Hot Rod and Sixshot stories I don't even remember at this point. I wanted to like the Ultra Magnus tale, because I like the idea of Ultra Magnus (I like any character who really likes rules, because I really like rules), but nothing in it grabbed me, and I'm still not entirely sure what it means to enforce the Tyrest Accords.

Still, don't mess with this guy.
from The Transformers Spotlight: Ultra Magnus (art by Robby Musso)

If you're reading IDW's Transformers stuff in order, Infiltration makes a much better introduction to the series's original set-up.

Next Week: The Transformers come to Earth... or are they already among us? Find out, in Infiltration!

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