03 May 2017

Faster than a DC Bullet: All-New All-Different DC, Part VIII: Blue Beetle: Road Trip

Comic trade paperback, 143 pages
Published 2007 (contents: 2006-07)
Borrowed from the library
Read February 2017
Blue Beetle: Road Trip

Writers: John Rogers & Keith Giffen
Artists: Cully Hamner, Rafael Albuquerque, Duncan Rouleau, Casey Jones
Colorist: Guy Major 
Letterers: Phil Balsman, Pat Brosseau, Jared K. Fletcher

This book is still a blast. Co-writer Keith Giffen departs halfway through the volume, but John Rogers is so good on his own you wouldn't even notice. The book opens up with a semi-flashback issue that clarifies exactly what happened to Jaime leading up to the One Year Later gap for those who didn't read Infinite Crisis (or those of us whose memories are vague). As always, some of the best bits are the jokes:
This book made me realize that I miss these versions of these characters.
from Blue Beetle vol. 8 #7 (script by John Rogers, art by Cully Hamner)

That's not the only trip into the past here, as soon Jaime and Brenda are on the road with mysterious-gruff-and-lovable mercenary the Peacemaker to find out about the history of the Blue Beetle from Danielle Garrett, granddaughter of the original Blue Beetle. The book is good about dolling out both solutions and mysteries-- everything Jaime learns about the mysterious scarab fused to his spine only leaves him with more to learn.

Is this guy a preexisting character? I guess I could/should look it up. Anyway, I like him.
from Blue Beetle vol. 8 #12 (script by John Rogers, art by Rafael Albuquerque)

But soon Jaime's going to outer space and tangling with the New Gods-- more hilarity ensues. Has Metron ever been this funny? You might fret it's disrespectful to Jack Kirby, but it's too good for me to complain.

Which I guess is Jaime's own attitude.
from Blue Beetle vol. 8 #11 (script by John Rogers, art by Rafael Albuquerque)

Jaime may have not chosen to be the Blue Beetle, but by this point in the series, he has chosen to be a hero. I love that his parents have rules for when he can go out and fight crime, and I love that Paco has organized tech support for him, and I love that he loves being a hero. This is a book with a lot of heart, and so far it's moved from success to success and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I think I had an easier time arguing my parents into letting me sleep over places.
from Blue Beetle vol. 8 #9 (script by Keith Giffen & John Rogers, art by Duncan Rouleau)
Next Week: Doctor 13 discovers the secrets of Architecture and Mortality!

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