03 July 2018

Review: Transformers Holiday Special by Mairghread Scott, Corin Howell, James Roberts, Kotteri, John Barber, and Josh Burcham

Comic PDF eBook, 30 pages
Published 2015
Acquired and read January 2018
Transformers Holiday Special

Written by Mairghread Scott, James Roberts, and John Barber
Art by Corin Howell, Kotteri, and Josh Burcham
Colors by Thomas Deer and Joana Lafuente
Letters by Tom B. Long

Aptly and coincidentally, I read this collection of three Christmas-themed Transformers tales just after the New Year. Well, of course I would love the More than Meets the Eye story, where Brainstorm's "contrivance engine" has affected the Lost Light... causing the ship to need to utilize equipment that looks exactly like a Christmas tree, ornaments, paper hats, and Christmas crackers. Swerve, Nautica, and Whirl receive a baby Transformer via subspace hatch on (what is essentially) Christmas Eve, and have to protect it from Ultra Magnus... while drunk. It's amazing. Lots of good, in-character jokes: basically my favorite thing.

Moping Megatron is adorable Megatron.
(script by James Roberts, art by Kotteri)

The other two are decent, as well, though I preferred the Windblade/Till All Are One story, a How the Grinch Stole Christmas-esque tale of how Starscream created a holiday to honor himself... but no one came to give him presents! The Robots in Disguise story about the jet robot who writes screenplays primarily goes to show that jokes about the jet robot who writes screenplays started off funny but are starting to get repetitive.

The Grinch just wasn't thinking big enough with his anger.
(script by Mairghread Scott, art by Corin Howell)

I want this to happen every year.

Next Week: Meanwhile, on the Lost Light... Megatron and company discover that their own crewmates are More than Meets the Eye!

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