27 September 2021

Review: Doctor Who: Heralds of Destruction by Paul Cornell and Christopher Jones

Collection published: 2017
Contents originally published: 2016-17
Acquired: June 2021
Read: July 2021

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor, Vol 1: Heralds of Destruction

Writer: Paul Cornell
Christopher Jones
Letters: Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt

This was a delight. Easily the best of Titan's various Doctor Who miniseries, and probably the best of all its Who comics with the exception of the Eleventh Doctor ongoing. It's really just a loving pastiche of the Pertwee era, but one filled with nice little touches and deft characterization, exactly the kind of thing one (sometimes) wants from one's tie-in comics. Cornell's skill at this kind of writing is far and above most of Titan's writers, knowing exactly how to blend the familiar and the new in such a way as to warm the heart of even readers who aren't Pertwee fanboys. Christopher Jones is new to me as an artist but does solid work; clear likenesses and good action.

At the end, Cornell claims this is his last Doctor Who tie-in, but he's subsequently returned to the fold three times, which seems about right.

I read an issue of Titan's Doctor Who comic every day (except when I have hard-copy comics to read). Next up in sequence: The Twelfth Doctor: Sonic Boom

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