18 December 2023

Cybermen: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection (From Stockbridge to Segonus: A Doctor Who Magazine Comics Marathon, Part 50)

Cybermen: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection: Collected comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine
by Alan Barnes, Andrew Cartmel, Mike Collins, Steve Dillon, Martin Geraghty, Scott Gray, David Lloyd, Alan McKenzie, Mike McMahon, Steve Moore, Grant Morrison, Paul Neary, Steve Parkhouse, John Ridgway, Adrian Salmon, et al.

Collection published: 2023
Contents originally published: 1979-2005
Acquired: September 2023
Read: October 2023

As with the Daleks collections, I obviously had to read this out of sequence based on when it came out. Like with those, I just read the new-to-me stories. If I was integrating this into my marathon from the beginning, I'd just do the backup strips and read it after Dragon's Claws, saving the Doctor-focused strips for reading in the main volumes.

Deathworld, from Doctor Who Weekly #15-16 (Jan. 1980)
script by Steve Moore, art by David Lloyd
Some Ice Warriors get attacked by some Cybermen. David Lloyd draws the hell out of an Ice Warrior for the most part (somewhat less convinced by his spindly Cybermen), but this—like a lot of monster-focused DWW back-up strips to be honest—reads to me like the kind of thing that would be thrilling if you were ten, but is more of an interesting curiosity if you come to it as an adult.
Black Legacy, from Doctor Who Weekly #35-38 (June-July 1980)
written by The Original Writer [Alan Moore], art by David Lloyd
Look, okay, maybe it's by Alan Moore, but I just can't take a Cyberman story where one shouts "What? Who... No! Blood of my ancestors, NOOOOOOOOO...." seriously. Like, this just isn't how it works.
from Doctor Who Weekly #16
Stray Observations:
  • New-to-me strip content: a whole sixteen pages! But also we get some new commentary by Paul Scoones on Junk-Yard Demon, Exodus/Revelation!/Genesis!, and The World Shapers. I particularly liked getting to hear from Grant Morrison about The World Shapers (in an archival interview from 1987), and David Lloyd is always interesting. Kind of funny they can't even say "Alan Moore" in the commentaries. Does he appear like Voldemort if you say his name?
  • As a complete package, though, it's fairly attractive; I like getting one bumper volume better than the two slim Dalek ones. And there have been some great Cyberman strips in DWM history. I'm not sure I would count The Glorious Dead as a Cyberman strip even though it's got Kroton in it, but I guess it would be odd to leave it out of a book containing literally every other Kroton strip. The best one remains, of course, The Flood.
  • List of all other stories and what collections they were previously printed in: (see links below to read my reviews)
    • Junk-Yard Demon (in Dragon's Claw)
    • Exodus / Revelation / Genesis! / The World Shapers (in The World Shapers)
    • The Good Soldier (in The Good Soldier)
    • Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman / Ship of Fools / Unnatural Born Killers / The Company of Thieves / The Glorious Dead (in The Glorious Dead)
    • The Flood (in The Flood)
    • The Cybermen / Junk-Yard Demon II (in The Clockwise War)

This post is the fiftieth in a series about the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip and Marvel UK. The next installment covers Liberation of the Daleks. Previous installments are listed below:

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  23. Land of the Blind
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  26. The Glorious Dead
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  28. Transformers: Time Wars and Other Stories
  29. The Flood
  30. The Cruel Sea 
  31. The Betrothal of Sontar
  32. The Widow's Curse
  33. The Crimson Hand
  34. The Child of Time
  35. The Chains of Olympus
  36. Hunters of the Burning Stone
  37. The Blood of Azrael
  38. The Eye of Torment
  39. The Highgate Horror
  40. Doorway to Hell
  41. Daleks: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection, Volume 1
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  46. Skywatch-7
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  48. Transformers: Aspects of Evil! and Other Stories
  49. Transformers: ...Perchance to Dream and Other Stories

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