04 March 2024

The Wife in Space by Neil and Sue Perryman, Volumes 1-8

The Miserable Git: The Wife in Space, Volume 1
The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2
The Pompous Tory: The Wife in Space, Volume 3
The Mad One: The Wife in Space, Volume 4
The (Still) Mad One: The Wife in Space, Volume 5
The Fit One: The Wife in Space, Volume 6
The Court Jester: The Wife in Space, Volume 7
The Crafty Sod: The Wife in Space, Volume 8
by Neil and Sue Perryman

After the book from Faber & Faber, which chronicled Neil and Sue's lives with excerpts from the Wife in Space blog, Neil collected its complete contents plus extras in a series of limited-run volumes via Kickstarter. Alas, I couldn't afford the shipping costs as an American, but I did contribute enough to receive the ebook editions. Upon finally reading the Faber & Faber book, I then went on to read the ebooks.

Like I said, this collects the complete run of the blog, which I had all read before, though each volume usually contains two or more relevant bonus entries, such as Adventures in Space and Time for the Hartnell volume or The Stranger fanfilms for the Colin Baker one. The blog isn't available online anymore, so I was happy to have this convenient way to reread it, and happy to spend a month in the company of Neil and Sue, working my way through one of the best television shows ever made. The blog was often hilarious, always insightful, and never not infectiously enthusiastic; it made me realize what an awful long time it has been since I watched some classic Who, and though I have no enthusiasm for doing it all from the beginning in order, there's so much good stuff that I am keen to see again.

One of the delightful things is that Sue recognizes quality when she sees it, and is not held back by fan shibboleths. As a partisan of the Sylvester McCoy years, I was particularly pleased by her appreciation for stories like Rememberance of the Daleks and Curse of Fenric... but she also knows that Silver Nemesis is rubbish! Probably the most magical part of the books is when they watch City of Death along with Sue's daughter Nicol, and all of them become completely entranced by it.

The ebooks can still be purchased from Amazon or Smashwords; they also contain forewords by various Who luminaries. I particularly enjoyed Jenny Colgan's in volume six.

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