03 November 2007

Archival Review: Mystery in Space with Captain Comet, Volume One by Jim Starlin

Mystery in Space with Captain Comet, Volume One

Writer: Jim Starlin
Pencillers: Shane Davis, Jim Starlin
Inkers: Matt "Batt" Banning, Al Milgrom
Colorists: Jeromy Cox, Jim Starlin
Additional Colors: Guy Major
Letterers: Phil Balsman, Rob Leigh, Jared K. Fletcher

Once I was in the comic book store, and I saw this series called Mystery in Space.  No 2007 book can normally have such an awesome title, and it was all I could do to stop myself from buying the whole series on the spot.  I succeeded in self-control by going home and putting the trade paperback collection on preorder. 

Fortunately, the book did indeed turn out to be quite good-- it's exactly what it says on the tin, a mystery story set in space.  Captain Comet is an instantly likeable protagonist (now I am very tempted to seek out his previous adventures) and Hardcore Station is a good setting (good enough that I immediately tracked down the 1998 miniseries of that title and read it too).  The standout character is Tyrone, Comet's bulldog that has been genetically engineered to be sentient-- artist Shane Davis manages the extraordinary feat of giving him discernible facial expressions.  Looking forward to Volume Two.

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