03 November 2007

Archival Review: Lensman from Rigel by David A. Kyle

Lensman from Rigel
by David A. Kyle

Last month, I happened to find books two and three of the Second Stage trilogy, which given that The Dragon Lensman was coming closer and closer to the primary position on my list, was rather lucky indeed.  I decided to read all three in one go.  This book was on par with the first (maybe a little less fun)-- and like the first, didn't actually focus on its title character.  Instead of depicting Tregonsee, the inscrutable Rigellian Lensman, it focused on another Kyle creation, "Double D" Cloudd.  And the first half of the book is taken up by a rather interesting plot to fake Tregonsee's death which goes totally nowhere, when he casually reveals to the Galaxies that he's still alive to no real advantage.

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