01 December 2007

Archival Review: Children of the Lens by E. E. "Doc" Smith

Mass market paperback, 255 pages
Published 1987 (originally 1954)
Acquired March 2007
Read November 2007
Children of the Lens
by E. E. "Doc" Smith

Two-and-a-half years after I began, and here it is at last: the conclusion of E.E. "Doc" Smith's famous Lensman series. What can I say about this book? Not much. While I felt that Gray Lensman was an improvement on Galactic Patrol, and Second Stage Lensmen one on Gray Lensman, this book was not such an increase in quality, mostly thanks to a somewhat muddled storyline-- exactly what was going on that kicked the Patrol and especially the Second (and Third!) Stage Lensmen into high gear? I never quite knew. Still, it was rollicking good fun, with plenty of extravagant weapons, battles, and thrills, and what else does one need from the Doc? Like all books in the series, it ends bigger and better than the one before it (whole planets being flung about as weapons!), and I'm disappointed to finally reach the end.

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