01 December 2007

Archival Review: [nemesis], Volume One: Chapters 1-4 by Greg Holkan

Comic trade paperback, 104 pages
Published 2006
Read November 2007
[nemesis], Volume One: Chapters 1-4
by Greg Holkan

[nemesis] is possibly my favorite webcomic and certainly the one with the best art, but it suffers in its weekly Internet format-- as this collection shows, it's really meant to be read in large, continuous chunks. It's about superheroes; the world it occurs in is basically a combination of ideas from the DC and Marvel universes. But this world's "Superman"-- Mister Zenith-- has been murdered. And in a world where only "numen" can serve as law enforcement officers, it's up to Rick Murphy, the only normal human on the police force, to solve the case. After all, who would want to murder Superman? Holkan's vaguely manga-ish art is excellent, and his writing extraordinary-- he deftly weaves together disparate stories about a number of different characters affected directly and indirectly by the death of Mister Zenith. I will continue to eagerly read this story (usually) every week online, and will certainly buy another collected edition when it comes.

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