26 February 2012

Audio Catchup: The Scarifyers: The Magic Circle

written by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris
directed by Simon Barnard
released November 2011

David Warner as Harry Crow
Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning
The Scarifyers: The Magic Circle

Since 2007, Nicholas “Brigadier” Courtney and Terry “Davros” Molloy have played Inspector Lionheart and Professor Dunning in the ongoing Scarifyers series of audio dramas. After the unfortunate death of Nicholas Courtney, it was thankfully decided to not end The Scarifyers, but to continue the series with a new lead: David Warner as Harry “Thumper” Crow, Lionheart’s old sergeant. The Magic Circle is the story tasked with making that transition.

Lionheart has suddenly gone missing, leaving poor Professor Dunning in all kinds of (literally) sticky situations without backup. Concerned, his investigations leads him to Harry Crow, and then on the trail of any number of magical acts. Meanwhile, an old woman named Iris Binns has begun chasing down these magical acts for her own reasons…

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