22 February 2012

Legacy's End Week, Day Three

Comic trade paperback, 120 pages
Published 2010 (contents: 2009-10)
Acquired December 2011
Read January 2012
Star Wars: Legacy, Volume Nine: Monster

Story: John Ostrander and Jan Duursema
Script: John Ostrander
Pencils: Jan Duursema and Dave Ross
Inks: Dan Parsons
Colors: Brad Anderson and Jesus Aburto 
Lettering: Michael Heisler

This is probably the best post-Vector collection of Legacy.  Following a bounty, Cade Skywalker and friends head to Wayland-- the planet where everything went wrong for him as a boy.  It was on Wayland that the Sith first sabotaged the Ossus Project, the beginning of the ruin of young Cade's life.  This time around, things don't go any better.  Cade's lover, Delilah Blue, is captured by a rogue Sith who wants to know if Cade can heal her of a poison she plans to unleash.  If Cade's immense Dark Side healing powers can't save her, no one can.  The result of this is the best Cade-nearly-turns-to-the-Dark-Side yet, as instead of just seeing the rage that Cade is always fighting to contain, we also finally see the love he can't bring himself to admit.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, events are coming to a head, as Roan Fel's rebel Empire seeks an Alliance with the Jedi, who are at last emerging from hiding with the death of Darth Krayt.  This is all good stuff, too-- it's nice to see the Jedi finally doing something, not to mention Nyna Calixte finally revealing where she stands-- but I have two niggling problems.  The first is that Princess Marasiah Fel, one of my favorite characters in the first volume of Legacy, finally returns here... and does absolutely nothing.  I almost didn't notice she was in it. Lame.  Second, Azlyn Rae reappears, after having been put in a Vader-esque support suit during the events of Storms... in a new suit that's barely noticeably different from her Imperial Knight armor.  So what was the point of all that, then?  Lame.

There's also another Gar-Stazi-is-the-Biggest-Badass-in-Outer-Space side story in this volume, too.  All is well.

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