29 January 2013

Review: Doctor Who and the City of Death by David Lawrence

PDF eBook, 86 pages
Published 2008 (originally 1992)
Read July 2012
Doctor Who and the City of Death
by David Lawrence

Of all the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club novelization writers, David Lawrence is the only one (as far as I know) not to write any subsequent Doctor Who books. This is quite a shame, as Doctor Who and the City of Death is clearly the best of the NZDWFC novelizations. On television, City of Death is sheer joy, simple bliss, possibly the pinnacle of Doctor Who (check out the Wife in Space for a convincing take), and though this book is not the pinnacle of Doctor Who, it does a fantastic job of reminding you of it. Not because it apes the episode, but because it recreates the episode's rambling, hodgepodge quality in prose forms, with diversions and good lines a-plenty.  Made me want to buy the DVD, though I'm obviously poor, otherwise why would I be grubbing around for free eBooks to put on my Kindle?

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