17 January 2014

Review: Time & Space Visualiser by Paul Smith

Oversized paperback, 118 pages
Published 2013

Acquired May 2013
Read December 2013
Time & Space Visualiser: The story and history of Doctor Who as data visualisations
by Paul Smith

Paul Smith's third book is his first serious one, a series of "data visualisations" about the making of Doctor Who. Some are too complicated to glean information from (such as a chart of common story endings used in the modern series), but some are really quite informative, such as most commonly visited planets, most commonly visited locations on Earth, or (my favorite) how many weeks prior to transmission each 1960s episode was filmed. I'd known they use to cut it close, but this visualisation really highlighted how much so! It's an interesting way to reconceptualize information you know, or learn something new.

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