07 January 2014

Review: The Two Jasons by Dave Stone

Hardcover, 216 pages
Published 2007

Acquired July 2013
Read December 2013
Bernice Summerfield #9: The Two Jasons
by Dave Stone

This is the first Bernice Summerfield novel in a couple years, and it's the first in a long while to really have anything to do with the ongoing story. While something has happened to Jason Kane in The End of the World (I don't know what, having not listened to it yet), two of his duplicates from A Life Worth Living are in troubles of their own. The story alternates between the plight of these duplicates and a recounting of various memories, especially Jason's first meeting with one Bernice Summerfield. It's probably the best Dave Stone prose work I've read thus far-- it's focused, serious, meaningful. This sounds like damning with faint praise, but this really is heads-and-shoulders the best work from Stone that I've read. Stone created Jason, and he's among the best for writing him. Whatever happens to Jason in The End of the World, this sets it up nicely by showing Jason at his very best.

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