21 July 2014

Review: Doctor Who: The Forgotten by Tony Lee and Pia Guerra

Comic PDF eBook, n.pag.
Published 2009 (contents: 2008-09)
Acquired May 2014
Read June 2014
Doctor Who: The Forgotten

Writer: Tony Lee
Artists: Pia Guerra with Kelley Yates, Stefano Martino, and Nick Roche

This is the second of the digital comics I got from IDW's Humble Bundle; I'd avoided it previously because of the seeming fanwank, with the Doctor losing his memory and reacquiring it by recalling nine previous adventures, one for each incarnation. I'll admit it's not as bad as I thought, mostly because the individual adventures are fun, and Lee does a decent job capturing the voices of old eras. Some are too slight to work (those featuring the first and fourth Doctors) but others really work as quick little adventures (the second and fifth Doctors). The only really bad one is the eighth Doctor one, which primarily seems to exist to insist that plot elements from The Invasion of Time played a key role in the Time War. The main plot is not great (some alien is... up to something? and there's the Matrix? I don't know), but it's not really the point of the book, so that's okay. And I'll admit that the continuity references work in the context of a continuity-driven story (unlike in Lee's dreadful "The Time Machination").

The first few issues here are drawn by Pia Guerra of Y: The Last Man fame, and they are gorgeous. Guerra is great at drawing people as people (a surprisingly rare skill in the superhero-dominated comics industry), and her use of light and shadow is fantastic. Which makes it all the more disappointing that the other artists here are, well, not good. I don't know who draws which issue, but the big two-page spread of all the Doctors in chapter 6 is totally compromised by how bad the artist is at likenesses; the second and fifth Doctors look Asian!

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