29 September 2015

Review: Doctor Who: Dead Man's Hand by Tony Lee and Mike Collins with Mitch Gerads

Fans of devastating apocalypses should read my review of Series Two of Big Finish's audio series of Survivors over at Unreality SF. I've near seen the original show and never will (Blake's 7 is penance enough for all my sins), but the audios are great.

Comic PDF eBook, 98 pages
Published 2014 (contents: 2012-13)
Acquired May 2014
Read December 2014
Doctor Who, Volume 4: Dead Man's Hand

Written by Tony Lee
Art by Mike Collins, Mitch Gerads
Colors by Charlie Kirchoff, Mitch Gerads
Lettering by Shawn Lee

IDW's Doctor Who ongoing sputters to an end as it began: with a so-so tale by Tony Lee. Which I guess is appropriate, but so much for the superstars promised by this set. The always dependable Mike Collins of Doctor Who Magazine fame on art keeps this one visually enjoyable, at least. But it's typical Tony Lee plotting: what could have been an enjoyable standalone western tale needs to connect all the way back to Lee's first IDW work, resurrecting the not-interesting-to-begin-with villain of The Forgotten; it's like he's taunting me on the way out. Well, so long Tony Lee, and I remain grateful your Doctor Who/Deep Space Nine crossover never came to pass. (P.S. Your shorts, as always, are actually somewhat better than your big stories; "Escape into Alcatraz" is a charming piece of fun.)

Next Week: Time to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who in the first volume of Prisoners of Time!

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