15 September 2015

Review: Doctor Who: The Eye of Ashaya by Andy Diggle, Josh Adams, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Horacio Domingues, Ruben Gonzalez, et al.

Comic PDF eBook, 110 pages
Published 2013 (contents: 2012-13)
Acquired May 2014
Read November 2014
Doctor Who, Volume 2: The Eye of Ashaya

Written by Andy Diggle, Joshua Hale Fialkov, and Richard Dinnick
Pencils by Josh Adams and Horacio Domingues with Andres Ponce
Inks by Marc Deering, Josh Adams, and Ruben Gonzalez
Colors by Charlie Kirchoff and Adrian Salmon
Lettering by Shawn Lee and Tom B. Long

Lady Christina is one of Doctor Who's better "one-off companions," which maybe says more about Michelle Ryan's appearance and performance than anything else. The Eye of Ashaya reunites her with the Eleventh Doctor, along with an Amy and Rory who clearly hail from during Series 7A, when he was always picking them up and dropping them off-- this story actually begins with them in an airport! The way Christina is involved in a space heist is a bit contrived, and Andy Diggle's decent script is let down by Josh Adams plasticky, posed artwork, which fails to make any of the characters look remotely attractive.

The second tale here, "Space Oddity," pits the Doctor and a lone cosmonaut against the Vashta Nerada on an orbital station. It's not scary-- I don't think Richard Dinnick or the artists really exploit the way the comics medium can be used for horror-- but it is fun. The last story is "Time Fraud," which really undersells the potential return of the Time Lords, and features a weird tie-in to Torchwood: Children of Earth for some reason.

Next Week: Clara Oswald joins the IDW comics in Sky Jacks!

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