02 December 2015

Faster than a DC Bullet: Project Gotham, Part XVIII: Catwoman: When in Rome

Comic trade paperback, n.pag.
Published 2005 (contents: 2000-05)

Borrowed from the library
Read March 2015
Catwoman: When in Rome

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Tim Sale
Lettering: Richard Starkings
Colorists: Dave Stewart

Year Three, February
I don't think I really cared what Catwoman was doing when she disappeared from the narrative of Dark Victory, but who cares when the answer is so entertaining. I don't really understand what was going on in this story-- who knew what about whom didn't always seem to hang together-- but everything was always fun; Loeb writes enjoyable dialogue, and no one draws quite like Tim Sale, who employs a somewhat different style here than on The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. As a week in the life of Catwoman, this is pretty enjoyable stuff, and I look forward to reading more Catwoman comics.

Next Week: Dick Grayson tries to see if he's got what it takes in Robin: Year One!

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