09 December 2015

Faster than a DC Bullet: Project Gotham, Part XIX: Robin: Year One

Comic trade paperback, 199 pages
Published 2002 (contents: 2001)

Borrowed from the library
Read March 2015
Robin: Year One

Writers: Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Pencillers: Javier Pulido, Marcos Martin
Inker: Robert Campanella
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Sean Konot

Year Three, August - Year Four, January
Having read Batgirl: Year One since finishing this, but before writing this review, it's impossible for me not to see Robin: Year One as a dry run for the later comics by (mostly) the same creative team. Batgirl: Year One is fun, bold, and matches the personality of its protagonist extraordinarily well; Robin: Year One feels as though it is striving toward these things, but not quite reaching them. Which is perhaps unfair to Robin: Year One, but I thought it was a fine comic, while Batgirl: Year One was a perfect one. I have some sense of what being Robin means to Dick Grayson after reading this, but not as much as what Batgirl: Year One gives me of Barbara and Batgirl.

Next Week: That's it for Batman for now (don't worry, he'll be back in a few months). Now, we plunge back into the world of CRISES, specifically in this case, Final Crisis. But first, a recap of recent events in the DCU with the novelization of 52!

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