12 January 2016

Review: Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming

Mass market paperback, 280 pages
Published 2006 (originally 1954)
Acquired April 2015
Read May 2015
Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming

It's fascinating how low-key many of these early James bond novels are. Unlike the thrill-a-minute rides that are the films, Live and Let Die is much more about surveillance and suspense: Bond and his American counterpart Felix Leiter spend the beginning of this book eating fried chicken in Harlem as they get the lowdown on a criminal mastermind; then Bond and his newest girl, Solitaire, ride a train. Things do get violent in both cases, but it's a far cry from the chases and explosions you see on screen.

My two main takeaways from reading this book were 1) I really wanted to eat some fried chicken and 2) the final action sequence, where Bond and Solitaire are dragged by a boat through shark-filled waters, is hugely intense. Fleming knows how to write some action.

Next Week: More card games! No sex! Moonraker!

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