09 March 2016

Faster than a DC Bullet: Project Crisis!, Part XLVI: Final Crisis: Revelations

Comic hardcover, n.pag.
Published 2009 (contents: 2008-09) 

Borrowed from the library
Read June 2015
Final Crisis: Revelations

Writer: Greg Rucka
Penciller: Philip Tan
Inkers: Jonathan Glapion, Jeff de los Santos, Walden Wong
Colorists: Ian Hannin, Nei Ruffino
Letterer: John J. Hill
Illustration: Steve Lieber

The decision, during Infinite Crisis and 52, to take two of DC's best nonsuperhuman characters, Gotham cops Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen, and transform them into superheroes of sorts is one I have sort of a mixed reaction to. I did really like the Question coaching Renee to move beyond her anger and eventually step into her place, and I felt that Allen as the Spectre had some potential as well. Revelations brings back both characters, along with Kate Kane as Batwoman (also introduced in 52), showing what they get up to involving the Crime Bible during the Final Crisis. What the story does is confirm that really, these characters should have stayed as they were in Gotham Central. Rucka and Tan do their best, but this is generic comic-mystical gubbins; Montoya and Allen were much better served as ordinary cops navigating an extraordinary world than they are being extraordinary characters. There are flashes of interest in Revelations, but much of it seems to be Rucka doing damage control (Allen's son was killed in a previous Spectre series not written by Rucka, and Rucka brings him back here), and too much of it focuses on the potentially-interesting-but-usually-not Religion of Crime.

Next Week: What are the old enemies of the Flash doing during Final Crisis? Yes, I wasn't really wondering either, but let's find out in Rogues' Revenge!

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