12 April 2016

Return of the New Jedi Order, Episode XXIX: Reunion by Sean Williams and Shane Dix

Mass market paperback, 390 pages
Published 2003

Acquired 2003(?)
Reread July 2015
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic III: Reunion
by Sean Williams and Shane Dix

Year Four of the Invasion (Months 10-11)
I had memories that this was the best of the "Force Heretic" novels: Luke and company finally reach Zonoma Sekot and learn its secrets while Han and Leia go on a rollicking space adventure on a weird planet. Well, I don't know if the difference was that reading all three Force Heretic books in one go really showed how little happened, but this time I found it the worst of these books. As always, nothing actually happens, yet nearly 400 pages are somehow taken up. Seriously, I don't get how Williams and Dix do it; both plots here are extremely simplistic, yet hundreds of pages somehow go by. Events that should be momentous have all the energy sapped out of them; events that should be fun are delivered as dully as possible. The midpoint peak of The New Jedi Order turns out to be an aberration; it is ending as dully and as falteringly as it began.

Who was the "Force Heretic," anyway?

Next Week: We're almost done! It's the antepenultimate New Jedi Order adventure: The Final Prophecy!

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