05 April 2016

Return of the New Jedi Order, Episode XXVIII: "Or Die Trying" by Sean Williams with Shane Dix

PDF eBook, 6 pages
Published 2004

Read July 2015
Star Wars: "Or Die Trying"
by Sean Williams with Shane Dix

Year Four of the Invasion (Month 9)
This short story, originally published in Star Wars Insider, bridges the gap (such as it is) between volumes II and III of "Force Heretic." Mostly what happens is Jaina recites some trite, nonsensical arguments against using technology to help people live longer (criminals might use it! and besides it's unnatural, unlike previous medical advances, I guess) and someone lets us know the fate of a minor character from 1996's Shadows of the Empire (someone out there must have been demanding to know, I guess). A waste of its mere six pages.

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