17 January 2017

Review: The Transformers: For All Mankind by Mike Costa and Don Figueroa

Comic PDF eBook, 136 pages
Published 2010 (contents: 2009-10)
Acquired August 2014
Read August 2016
The Transformers, Volume 1: For All Mankind

Writer: Mike Costa
Art: Don Figueroa
Colors: J. Brown
Lettering: Chris Mowry & Robbie Robbins

This volume didn't move me much either way. It introduces a new, post-All Hail Megatron status quo: the Autobots are on Earth, protecting humanity from the scattered Decepticons abandoned there during the Decepticon retreat after Megatron was defeated by Optimus. Only the Autobots are perceived as being as much of a threat as the Decepticons are, so the Autobots have to protect the humans while staying hidden from them, causing some moral dilemmas for them. Albeit, not very interesting ones; this is the sort of overly angsty Optimus Prime that doesn't do much for me. Like a lot of these comics, I think it partially suffered from me not knowing the characters: what's Ironhide to him, or he to Ironhide, that he would weep for him?

I mean, he may be evil, but he's got a point.
from The Transformers vol. 1 #2

What did work was a subplot about Hot Rod deciding that this whole conflict was bogus and working together with a group of Autobots and Decepticons to just be rid of the whole thing. Thanks to the manipulations of the Decepticon Swindle, he begins to see himself as a savior of an independent group-- hearkening back to his original stance in the Great War as the leader of a local community that just wanted to stay out of it all, as per Autocracy. Swindle begins calling him "Rodimus Prime," a very different origin story than in the Generation One cartoon! I felt Costa pulled back from the potential here, though, as in the end Swindle is just, well, swindling Hot Rod. But the seeds sown here would bear fruit in More than Meets the Eye, by which Hot Rod is legitimately called Rodimus, and more idealistic than ever.

Next Week: Meanwhile, in space, it's the Last Stand of the Wreckers!

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