21 May 2018

Review: Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages, 1985-1995 by Bill Watterson

Comic trade paperback, 95 pages
Published 2001 (contents: 1985-95)
Borrowed from the library
Read March 2018
Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages, 1985-1995: An Exhibition Catalogue by Bill Watterson

My mission to read every bit of Calvin and Hobbes not collected in the Complete Calvin and Hobbes continues with this, a slim volume that puts Bill Watterson's original linework alongside the colored versions that appeared in newspapers for a selection of his favorite Sunday strips. Watterson also provides commentary on most of them. It's all strips you've (probably) read before, and many anecdotes you've (probably) read before too. But the large size of the book shows off Watterson's artwork better than the Complete Calvin and Hobbes books do, and it's great to have Watterson's commentary on the the comics form. He was an unsurpassable artist on the Sunday comics page even before the format change, and this book provides insight into the mind of a master.

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