07 July 2020

Review: Star Trek: Discovery: Dead Endless by Dave Galanter

Trade paperback, 342 pages
Published 2019

Acquired December 2019
Read February 2020
Star Trek: Discovery: Dead Endless
by Dave Galanter

This is the first Discovery book to substantively take place on Discovery, though not all is as it seems at first. I enjoyed the puzzle of trying to figure out where this book takes place, but the real delight of the book is Galanter's keen grasp of the characters, particularly Stamets and Culber, for whom this is an important turning point in their relationship. We get real insight into what brings them together. It's also a neat adventure of the Star Trekkian ship's-crew-prevents-a-crisis-through-diplomacy-and-openness type, with a convincing streak of optimism. I really enjoyed it-- probably my favorite Discovery novel thus far aside from The Way to the Stars and maybe The Enterprise War.

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