18 July 2012

From Off the Streets of New York Comes...

Comic hardcover, 152 pages
Published 2006
Borrowed from a friend
Read June 2012
American Splendor: Ego & Hubris: The Michael Malice Story

Story: Harvey Pekar
Art: Gary Dumm

Another full-length work from Pekar, Ego & Hubris tells the story of Michael Malice, who co-created Overheard in New York and co-wrote some wrestler's autobiography.  Malice is a guy who is smart, but thinks he's a genius. If he really was a genius, though, he'd figure out that part of the social contract is being nice to other people.  Pekar and Dumm tell his story in an entertaining enough fashion; Malice swings back and forth between sympathetic and flabbergasting.

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