04 July 2012

The Obverse Quarterly Begins

Trade paperback, 86 pages
Published 2011
Acquired July 2011

Read June 2012
The Obverse Quarterly, Book One: Bite Sized Horror
selected by Johnny Mains

In 2011, small press Obverse Books began a series of small quarterly paperbacks, each one an anthology of genre fiction: science fiction, mystery, tie ins, and so on.  The first one of these, Bite Sized Horror, was unsurprisingly a collection of horror fiction.  Though I like the idea of the book, I didn't like the book itself very much. I didn't dislike it either, though-- the works here by and large simply left me cold.  Paul Kane's "The Between" was the best of the stories-- about a small group of people trapped somewhere-- but even it started too early and finish too late.  I've never read much horror, so it's hard for me to calibrate.  Do I not like these stories, or do I simply just not like the genre?  Unless Obverse does more horror (and there's none in the lineup for the first two years of the quarterly), it's impossible for me to know.

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