01 July 2012

Reading Roundup Wrapup: June 2012

Pick of the month: Moto Hagio's A Drunken Dream and Other Stories. Another one of those months where I read a pleasing amount of competitive books, but this one just barely sifted to the top. A collection of manga from one of Japan's top artists, I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it.  Harvey Pekar's The Quitter was also fairly enjoyable, and if Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor hadn't've been a reread, I probably would have gone for it. (Unfair, but there you go.)

All books read:
1. Justice League: Cry for Justice by James Robinson with Sterling Gates, Len Wein, and Mark Waid
2. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
3. I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
4. Constellation Games: A Space Opera Soap Opera by Leonard Richardson
5. The Jeeves Omnibus by P. G. Wodehouse
6. The Obverse Quarterly, Book One: Bite Sized Horror selected by Johnny Mains
7. Our Cancer Year by Joyce Brabner and Harvey Pekar
8. Justice League: Rise and Fall by J. T. Krul
9. Green Arrow: Into the Woods by J. T. Krul
10. The Quitter by Harvey Pekar
11. The Minervan Experiment by James P. Hogan
12. American Splendor: Ego & Hubris: The Michael Malice Story by Harvey Pekar
13. An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation by Jeremy Bentham
14. Doctor Who Annual 2006 edited by Clayton Hickman
15. Doctor Who Storybook 2007 edited by Clayton Hickman
16. Moto Hagio's A Drunken Dream and Other Stories translated by Matt Thorn
17. The Sensible Folly by Paul Cornell
18. Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor by Matthew Stover
19. Star Wars: X-Wing, Book Seven: Solo Command by Aaron Allston
20. Green Arrow: Salvation by J. T. Krul and James Patrick
21. Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton

All books acquired:
1. Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero by Larry Tye
2. Fort Freak: A Wild Cards Mosaic Novel edited by George R.R. Martin with Melinda M. Snodgrass
3. Star Trek: Cast No Shadow by James Swallow
4. Lemistry: A Celebration of the Work of Stanislaw Lem edited by Ra Page & Magda Raczyńska
5. Victorians and the Machine: The Literary Response to Technology by Herbert L. Sussman
6. The Years of Change by Mollie Hardwick
7. The White Mountains by John Christopher
8. The City of Gold and Lead by John Christopher
9. The Pool of Fire by John Christohper
10. When the Tripods Came by John Christopher
11. The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes: 37 short stories plus a complete novel, comprising The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, and The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle: reproduced from the original publication in The Strand Magazine with the classic illustrations by Sidney Paget
12. Asimov's Guide to the Bible, Volume One: The Old Testament by Isaac Asimov

Finally!  I broke into a positive "book balance" this month for the first time in many months-- authorizing me to purchase 9 new books and plunge myself back into the negative.

Books remaining on "To be read" list: 414

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