24 March 2014

Faster than a DC Bullet: The Houses of Mystery and Secrets, Part XVI: House of Mystery: Desolation

Comic trade paperback, n.pag.
Published 2012 (contents: 2011)
Borrowed from the library
Read February 2014
House of Mystery: Desolation

Writer: Matthew Sturges
Penciller: Luca Rossi
Inker: José Marzán, Jr.
Colorists: Lee Loughridge, Dave Stewart, Eva de la Cruz
Letterer: Todd Klein
Short Story Writers: Bill Wilingham, Steven T. Seagle
Short Story Artists: Darwyn Cooke, Aaron Campbell, David Lapham, Peter Snejbjerg, Annie Wu, Tony Akins, Teddy Kristiansen, Inaki Miranda

One feels like the final volume of a series should start laying on some answers, but Desolation just piles on the complications, and boring ones at that. Why this whole divergence with Lotus Blossom? Why add a whole mess of sorcerer characters only for them to do nothing? Why ruin the character of Goldie that way?

Eh, who cares. House of Mystery was a great vehicle for stories, but its own story was never particularly interesting, and this volume confirms that. The best part is the final issue, where three travelers tell the tale of the House, but even that seems a little tame and lackluster.

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