26 March 2014

Faster than a DC Bullet: The Houses of Mystery and Secrets, Part XVII: House of Secrets: Foundation

Comic hardcover, 127 pages
Published 1997 (contents: 1996-97)
Borrowed from the library
Read March 2014
House of Secrets: Foundation
by Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen

From 1996 to 1999, DC revived the House of Secrets for 25 issues. I tried to get the House of Secrets Omnibus, but ILL couldn't procure it, so I had to settle for this, which collects just the first five issues. It's a very different House of Secrets than we've seen before (and since); the House is located in Seattle, and it attracts to it those who possess "secrets," who are tried by a group of ancient ghosts. Into all this enters Rain, a damaged, defensive young woman who ends up serving as the court's "witness." What could easily be a cliche character is really quite interesting-- her hard edges feel real, not like stock traits, as she's genuinely hurtful sometimes. The prose and dialogue are great, and this is probably the best artwork of Teddy Kristiansen's (considerable) career. There's something of a self-contained story here, but I'm disappointed I'll never know what happens to these guys next.

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