13 March 2014

Review: Kraken: An Anatomy by China Miéville

Hardcover, 509 pages
Published 2010

Acquired March 2012
Read August 2013
Kraken: An Anatomy
by China Miéville

This is my first encounter with Miéville, and Kraken is a book chock-full of ideas-- enough to sustain a dozen other novels, I suspect. I loved the exploration of obscure London religions, and I loved the insertion of such a crazy idea into (in part) the police procedural genre. Perhaps my favorite idea is the ghost cops who aren't really ghosts, but just the leftover tropes of cops. Or perhaps the guy who uses a magic wish to turn his toy Star Trek phaser into a real one. It seems to not take place in our own world, but even that is (quite cleverly) accounted for at the novel's end. A little messy at times, and I got lost on occasion, but it was usually worth it.

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