28 May 2014

Student Review: Adam Bede by George Eliot

Trade paperback, 655 pages
Published 2008 (originally 1859)

Previously read May and November 2009
Acquired December 2013
Reread April 2014
Adam Bede
by George Eliot

If I learned anything this semester, it's don't assign 600-page Victorian novels in the last four weeks of the semester:
  • "Liked all books but Adam Bede"
  • "[...] it's difficult to pay attention to something so long near the end of the semester." 
  • "replace Bede"
  • "I think you should teach Adam Bede, Arthur & George and Frankenstein (which I had already read in high school but didn't get that much out of at the time) again definitely"
  • "Adam bede was a great read!"
  • "I had a little trouble understanding how Adam Bede fit into the themes of the course so maybe that could be dropped [...]"
  • "Adam Bede should definitely be taught again because I think it was a good example of realism."
  • "In my very biased opinion 'Between The Acts' was somewhat painful due to its lack of plot, as was 'Adam Bede' due to its very slow advancement + painful dialect in some parts."
  • "I personally disliked Adam Bede, though I definitely see its importance within the course."

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