23 May 2014

Student Review: Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf

Trade paperback, 220 pages
Published 2008 (originally 1941)
Acquired January 2010
Previously read April 2010
Reread March 2014
Between the Acts
by Virginia Woolf

Is is possible for a group of undergraduates to like Virginia Woolf? I sure didn't, but I'd take Between the Acts over Mrs. Dalloway at least. They were frustrated:
  • "Between the Acts was a first draft."
  • "I didn't like virginia woolf a book.."
  • "Arthur & George and Between the Acts were my least favorites as the 'density' of the text and slow pace made it really hard to get through." 
  • "I did not enjoy Between the Acts."
  • "The Virginia Woolf was certainly hardest to get through."
  • "Between the acts needs to go.."
  • "If you had to drop one book, I would recommend dropping Between the Acts and perhaps replacing it with a more popular Virginia Woolf novel. That way, students who enjoy reading 'the classics' would read it with a more open mind, even if it is a challenge."
  • "Between the Acts should be dropped."
  • "In my very biased opinion 'Between The Acts' was somewhat painful due to its lack of plot [...]"
  • "Teach Between the Acts again! Virginia Woolf is an amazing author and despite the fact that nothing much happens in the plot the book is extremely thought provoking and is probably the best example of modernism I have read."
  • "Drop Between the Acts because it was a first draft [...]"
  • "Definitely keep Virginia Woolf in there."
  • "dont teach between the acts (didnt like it)"
  • "I'm all for dropping Between the Acts in favor for excerpts from Virginia Woolf's work, it just feels out of place within the course."

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