30 May 2014

Student Review: V for Vendetta by Alan Moore & David Llloyd

Comic trade paperback, 288 pages
Published 2005 (contents: 1982-88)
Acquired December 2013
Read April 2014
V for Vendetta

Written by Alan Moore
Art by David Llloyd
Coloring by David Lloyd, Steve Whitaker, Siobhan Dodds
Lettering by Jeannie O'Connor, Steve Craddock, Elitta Fell
Additional Art by Tony Weare

This was the one novel I assigned this semester despite having never read it before. I think it turned out okay, despite that:
  • "I loved War of the Worlds and V for Vendetta. The stories were really interesting and the ideas and themes too."
  • "V for Vendetta, War of the Worlds, Bloody Chamber- no one ever teaches these and i think they have a lot of cool things going on for them."
  • "I think it's up to you to teach V for Vendetta or War of the Worlds -- since V was taught during the last week of class it was an easy read for us students who have already checked out mentally for finals."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed 'Frankenstein,' 'War of the Worlds,' and 'V for Vendetta.'"  
  • "I think that V for Vendetta was the most enjoyable."
  • "Keep V for Vendetta on the condition that you cover The Filth as an addition to the theme of Dystopia."
  • "drop V for Vendetta"
  • "Keep V for Vendetta and War of the Worlds, both interesting reads that add a great variety to the course, you don't find many courses here that let you explore more modern works of British Literature."

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