09 August 2016

Return of the New Jedi Order, Episode XXXIV: The Swarm War

Mass market paperback, 357 pages
Published 2006

Acquired January 2006
Previously read February 2006
Reread November 2015
Star Wars: Dark Nest III: The Swarm War
by Troy Denning

Seven Years after the Invasion
Well, at least the Squibs are in it. It has that going for it. Otherwise: dead boring, and a frustratingly out-of-character autocratic Luke. I feel like Lucasfilm had an endpoint in mind (Luke as Grandmaster of a New Jedi Order structured exactly like the old Jedi Order), and that endpoint had to be reached whether it made sense or not. I want a happy Jedi Order that fundamentally gets along, not a group of argumentative children ruled by a dictator.

Next Week: That's it for the New Jedi Order! Next, I'll wrap up my Deep Space Nine reread with the first of two remaining books. Doctor Bashir goes on the run in Warchild!

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